I was standing along the tape, taught enough to keep aligned, but bellowed by the wind.
The riders went by fast, some feeling like they were burning, on fire.
Others, tired,  yearning to hold onto the power and speed they had during the first lap.
The ones in front, today, they thought of tactics.  The value of suffering on, was,
a chance to win.

An official, pointed at the man, signaled him off the course.  Pulled.

I don't like to stand in the eye line.

Liz Phair - "Mesmerizing"

Almost everyone I knew had left for home.  I kept my room an extra night.
Driving back after the last race,  I wanted a six pack.
Drove past the hotel parking lot, turn left at the light, parked and headed into the supermarket.
I was standing on the rubber mat sensor, the door opened, and a couple, just a bit older than me were headed in.
"I'm from out of town, what is the laws for buying beer hear, can I get it here?"
"no" the Woman said,
Her mate nodded.
they both looked, thinking of the time.
"A package shop" I asked.
"down the road, in the shops along with the Dunken Doughnuts."
They stop selling at six.

not enough time for a full thank you, just a nod
and I was off with their look of, "make it in time."
I sat at the first light with 5 mins.
the second with three.  just waiting to make my left turn into the lot, to park
I could see the shop.

and at 5:59 I respected the laws of buying booze in RI and put my
goods down on the formica to pay.

I did not see Providence.
I raced, and watched races. 
I felt good, my tired body,  I made no eye contact with anyone outside the tape while I raced.
I heard my name, yelled, and I did go.  
The light rain in the starting grid.
I looked up the road. 
The whistle.
Wheel slips, spins, too much weight forward, a suck ass start.
Its good.

on the pavement, out of the wind, but the bits of mud that break free from the tires in front of me splatters my face.

I caught the 5 or 8 in front of me by the last corners.
but up the road to the finish they all sprinted past. 
I don't know.   I was done.  I knew my place, well before I finished.

The good crowd, full of love, beer, bourbon, single speed, Philadelphia.

got a good lap of Mo time during the SS race.

Just in the little ring.
and to the same local places. 
I'm into this thing, of seeing forgotten memorials for everlasting memory.
Life moves at different speeds, some of us are inside the tape.  

I turn and go get a burrito.

Todays bench

w/love, d.

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