Good racing weekend.
Whirlybird on Saturday,  saw the grand English band Wolf People play a puny stage, prog-rocking it out Saturday night.  Up early and out the door to the lovely Copper River Cx race.

I met a sweet pup at Cooper River Cx.
it was the highlight  of my day.

Ms. Tippy, 7yr old, wanting to find a warm, loving home.
Clair Sauer, I give her much respect.  Doing what she does, trying to place these sweet creatures in loving homes.
make your next companion pet a rescue,
Street Tails Animal Rescue

We have 5 cats, all strays.
We've got Patrick,  the one with cancer.
He's living day by day now.
When it looks like that life, that it is not worth living for him no more.
We've made the decision, to put him to sleep.
The last couple of weeks I've been in a shit mood.
Not Patrick.
His mood is up-beat, strong,  and inspirational to me.
Animal, creatures, they amaze and inspire me.
Their strength, caring, smarts.  

after racing the weekend today is as all think to be an off day, recovery.
I did hill repeats, felt good, going up Rose Glen, and down.
I've always seen the not to trespass sign just across the base of the bridge.
Today, I went in, it was nice, a good place to sit.

just one bird chirped,
I sat still for a bit,
they flew about, then a lot chirped.


Poor Moon - "Birds"

good riding,.....and sitting, at the creek at the base of Rose Glen.
and there looks to be a nice switch back, old bridlewilde path, going up the bluff.

Cheers all, dlowe.


max said...

there are trails all through there.

i also ride roads over there a lot hopefully this winter i will get the mtb over there and explore the trail a little.

d.lowe said...

beautiful land, and trails.
I ride with much respect on these small trails, and yield to all.