I had my nose under the tail and a bit up the butt, like a dog.
on the back of the two leaders, getting towed along
Sitting 3rd wheel is very unusual for me.  and I don't know why, I felt frisky.
And when one of the many tight turns, got Kelly Clines front wheel washed a bit, turned him sideaways, and he dabbed, I went down.
Durn it.
and now I was sitting Sixth.
I rode my eyeballs out, and payed for that two.  Trying to pedal through corners, I clipped the ground twice,  and it sent me down again and again.
I chased as hard as I could, with a compatriot.
but did not move up.   got 8th.  unimportant.  felt great.  
and I imagine that to be part of a team Philadelphia Ciclismo putting on a grand race,
the Crossasaurus Awesome, that not only did I have a grand two days of helping make the race happen,  I had a grand day watching racing, doing 2 races, also getting to racing my SS Free Spirit/Ted Williams Quality one more time.
Thanks to you all for coming out,   I hope you got to race your eyeballs out,  and you folks, good folks, made it a grand day for sure.
Long Live Cyclocross!

Cheers, dlowe

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Mike said...

Had a great "eyeball popping" race.
Thanks for the day.