Just sitting here now, I want to be out riding.  Or when its a windy cold rainy day.  Out walking.
I just keep going, way beyond what should be my half way point.
I feel better tonight after feeling like crap for the last couple of days. 
Despite two hard crashes.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have legs.

I sat far back in the starting grid.  Clipped in, all I'd seen was the seam.
Went, then,   And held back a bit.  and hit the grass 12th maybe.
Maybe tomorrow I can make it to the front, off the start. into the fresh clean air.

Heaven, a beer, a good song, my hands on a warm body,  my legs on a good ride.

galaxie 500 - "another day"

I want to hit the ramp and get a little lift, up into the air, and ride away from fading cheers.  Off into a cloud.

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