I don't have a sweet tooth.
but I've got that craving, that hard on, for Providence.

Cheap Trick - "Surrender"

Yesterday. Sunday I road out there. To Valley Forge.
There are some very nice CX thin ribbon spinning trails at Valley Forge.
Its just a long paved rail trail to get there and back.  The SRT
On the way out, I got an "on your left"  and I was all to the right.
Jumped the wheel and got sucked along.
and that's nice.  
We sped along at a nice 23mph clip.
passing peeps rolling along.

I rolled up along and gave a look in the eyes, "real nice".  "thanks for the tow".

 I did my easy strolling about on the trails.

Not convenient at all, for me,  these short trails.    They are perfect for rolling out the cross legs.

Really, some of the best cx thin single track.

on the way back in, a Bike Sport shop rider, old bloke like me came up at 21mph's.
how'd your race go? he asked.  "good",  "you race?"   "nah" he said.
and he pulled me back to Manayunk.
Sitting outta the wind, pedaling and moving fast.  Its good for the mind and soul.
I felt no need to come around, to take a pull.
He went on his way, with a nod, me a slight lift of a few fingers off the brakehoods.

Hard'on.  and my body rings, tingles.
whatever comes along, whatever.  I'll have some extra clean undergarments packed in my bag.

cheers, d.


Meisha said...

Love when you get that pooling service going out and specially coming back.

Marc from Human Resources said...