maybe Baltimore is  a pretend city.
full of pretend pain.
and that's its beauty.
When the early sun shines
and the poor, sturdy decay.    The city birds chirping,  sound happy to me.

as a joke, I road a two thousand dollar bike as hard as I could.
for once.
And a spare one in the pit.
What was important to me?
18th, 20th.

I drank hard cider, and cheap Mexican beer.
ate in  a "miracle"  
I slept with a dog.

and I have to say, as great as it all was, and is, I'm disappointed in myself,
for how I am human, and for how I raced.

each pothole.
city street I drove
I hit, made me think.
I've been hungry, poor, lonely, not fairly treated.
Nothing like you.

I think if i'd won.   I'd like to think.  I'd might of felt worse.
I'm sure I'd see more.  From the elevation.  Atop the podium.

I wouldn't of seen it if it weren't for you.
I do love you Charm City.

New Bill Callahan - "winter road"

                                     I am an early riser.  The course, empty.  Setup.

The Miracle.


                            Archer the bed fellow.



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