I didn't have work today so I got out this real beautiful morning for a quite a pleasant cyclocross ride.
Most, a lot of people I work with and hang out with know that I talk quite a bit about Rockwell Kent.
I like to think I am not more obsessive in investigation through the internet than anyone else.
I loved the show of Kent's work that I saw at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.   I road down with my compatriot Meisha, who I got to know sharing a room together with him, and Gorka.
In an America Best Value hotel,  down in Baltimore to race cyclocross.

I sat in my easy recliner chair.  Almost crying.  At the end of his book on Rockwell Kent.
What would I do now?   I composed myself.  and examined the dust jacket notes.  (1st press 1980)
...Philadelphia.....  and there I was off,  and not much work later, an email was sent.  I was on my way to meeting David Traxel.

I have to be a bit honest, after our chat at Earth Bread Brewery,  I took advantage of the discount growler fill.   I got home, felt good, cracked the growler,  then needed 3 aspirins at 5am to keep sleeping.

Its true to me that some days are way more wonderful than others.  And I'm finding that they are coming more often.  

John Prine - "Angel from Montgomery"

I am happy that King Krule, the young English lad, added dates to his visit to America, and will be playing at the Fishtown bar. Johnny Brenda's.  

Vigor, swagger, sneer, snappy. 
so many words,  its like the salad I made tonight.  They seem to have a taste of oil that wont dissolve and is left on the cleft of my palate. 

fall is like spring, the crackle,  snap chill, it makes the blood do something.
makes me want to get under the covers and snuggle, wrap my arms around my wife.
I have many layers to wear to ride. and I choose the appropriate, to stay just a bit too warm, or a bit shivering.
but whatever, the air is nicer, the sunlight looks prettier.  and I'm riding, a bike, that looks like a road bike, with knobs tread on the tires, down dank mud, shorter rides.  Tonight again I want to race more.

Last night I sat with Mr. Traxel, and we drank beer, and talked about life.   It came down to taking risk, to not be scared, to look out into the world, to explore.

cheers,  David Lowe.

John Prine  "I had this really vivid picture of this woman standing over the dishwater with soap on her hands....She wanted to get out of her house and her marriage and everything. She just wanted an angel to come to take her away from all this."

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