Head high.

Last week I had penciled in a bunch of nights out seeing bands.  My week filled up with work, and the work days went long.  By Friday at work, I was tight.  Randy.
I went out to the old dump, s. phila bar, that's been spic and spanned.  the Boot and Saddle.  Cleaned up, good beer, stylized and left in a  bit of its old charms.  To see an old Oi band, Hard Skin.

I like to be close to the stage.
the opening bands sucked.   I thought a bit, no one boos, just polite applause.  I booed.
I'm not sure that people even put it together, that I was showing my dis-approval,  that I thought they sucked.  It felt good.

Hard Skin,  played hard, bantered, drank, and looked good.
a bit of sweat on the guitarist black shoe.

 I've been seeing shows for a long time.   and still love it. 
I like to be up front.   So close that sweat, spittle, banter, odor, heat, are within a few feet.
cx practice wasn't my best, in legs, mood.  Handling was on, the bike feels good.  Not a day that it all came together.   and sometimes I just make myself finish, to keep going to cross the line, no matter the placement, or how fast.   I did very little the rest of the day, mostly just laid about on the couch.
Everything has been more of a chore than normal.   Today. 
I got all the few things I had to do done.  and I think apparently that's going to be enough.
I feel a bit spectacular.  I'm dressed well, nice shirt, pants, and black shoes.  On to a good short glass of bourbon neat. 
Cheers amigos. dlowe.
Teenage Fanclub - "Everything Flows"

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