sunday nights a purgatory

I don't have a Single speed cross bike built up yet.  I got most of the bits, but not all of them.
It looks like I'll be taking off the baskets, and tightening some spd's back onto the Free Spirit.  That's my stead.
I really looking forward to the long weekend up in Providence RI.
Fridays the SS race,  and it'll do me just fine to get in a few laps, my openers, on the Free Spirit.
I'm thinking of documenting the race from within the race, to race with a  stills camera, to really do my best to get some good shots from within the race.
We'll see.

last Friday night I notice that I'd start to pick up a cold.  My treatment has been decongestant and double IPA's.

Saturday.   Racing.   The local circuit, PAX.  Townhall Cross.  
Good day,  broke down my weak spots to the long slog to the climb, and the bit up from the turns to the U-turn towards the second half of the course.    Keeping it simple, kept me up there.

                                    photo: Cabalu
I like Carlos Cabalu's photos.    He seems to be able to capture some nice pics.  and I'm glad that he  often makes me a target.  Thank you Carlos.

Good.  Simple.  Old. Full of nuance.  will for me last a lifetime.  Simple complexed.

Elizabeth Cotton - "Can't get a letter from down the Road"

Simple very.  I'm really let down by Costello and the Roots.  Fails, for lack of nuance, brittle. soulless
the New Elvis/Roots,  so much talent, the harder the failure.

Elvis Costello/The Roots - "CINCO Minutos Con Vos"

trying not to look up the drain spout,
and stand still and let the days pass
cause I can't run into them
by whatever I plan
as much as I think going to go on
a bird may fly over
and poop on my head.

cheers,  I love cross season. dlowe.

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