good weekend. 
nice to get the couple of races done, I know what I lack and where, not that I'll fix it.
My take, each course has its personality, Nittany's, two geared.
Day one a bit tighter and better for me, day two I got smoked more.
not much difference on the course layout.

I like a course, a cross race that has distinct segments.  Maybe broken up into 3 different souls.
Parts of the landscape that have a nuisance each.   Nittany is all Nittany.

I'm not complaining.
fuck I sat and drank beers and told everyone around me that I  yelled "fuck you" at the Olde Masters Women on the good line.  Yes. Stupid on my part.   but yep.  make the most of it.
I know.
 (taken from the web)

DTCV - "mouchette"   why'd I listen? it was linked w/GBV.
I downloaded all their songs, it was a pay what you wish site, legit, their page, but it was a fight for me, 
I gave nothing.  might need to right that.   Liking the music.  and they play in Philly soon. but I don't think I can make the show.

 Some people search head to head with racers, I don't know what I search for but was quite, so happy to see, that Galaxy 500 had a rider racing Gloucester in the start list:
Master 35+    4/5   Dean Wareham     TEAM -   Galaxie 500 
I don't think Its possible for me to make Gloucester, so, no fan ambush

I think about things, about how I act, what I say, I look at what's around me, I try to let it effect me.

I figure stuff out, and I hope I remember more than I forget. 
at times there is nothing for me to shoot, then, its there. 
I'm still learning the tools, to someday, capture some soul.

I looked at this work bench.   I loaded in equipment into the garage.   An interview with a widow.   As I went back and forth taking the things I needed to light the interview, I looked at his work bench.
Just stopped in time.   I'd say not touched. 
I really tried to look at it, to see, a person, nuances.  He was old, 80 I think I overheard.
Tools, placement, what you keep just in case, a radio, things, just a bunch of things.

I haven't figured out quite yet what I want to be in life.  Its fun walking down the hallway, opening doors and peering in.    One day I figure I'll feel a grasp around my ankle, a tight grip, and that will be it.

I'm not waiting for it.
I don't think there is a better moment in life than the time, of in the grid and awaiting the start of the cyclocross racing.  .... the count down to the start, and that we are off, and it is at a random moment.

regards. d.