what should be Normal

at the age 50, I have finally got it together a bit.  I know that I've been saying a lot about this bike, the SS free spirit, but not since I was a kid, have I been out pedaling about to get to places and get things.

why is my heart and soul, my mind so attached to this bike?   Its silent as I pedal it down the road. Just simple, one gear.  I feel a breeze, I see the houses.   I lock it in front of a store, pick up the consumer goods I need.  Unlock and ride on.  Its not carbon, or the right fit.  Its the bike that puts the biggest smile on my bald skull.   I pedal past my car, turn right, and head out into the world,  In the world, not in my car.

riding to get what you need, it makes you shop local, small store, for sure.
I tried to ride to Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting to get my growlers filled.
Not safe.  Not a place you can ride to.  The big box stores, are set up, to drive up to.

Your local bike shop, its full of characters,  much like the old days vinyl record stores.  The people there love riding, love the bike, and despite their idiosyncrasies, love you shopping there.
Philly is a town full of people that love to ride their bikes,  and not just Philly, the whole area around here.  

the bike in your garage, be it 5, 10, 30yrs old, it... its state of the art and most likely a fine machine.
Get it running again,  You need a shop,  there are plenty of great ones around here.  Ask one of those shaved legged with logos all over their clothes,  riding a $5000 bike,  and they will be happy to chat, and point you to a shop that they shop at,  and maybe even get you a little break on the $, or quicker service.
Yo, if you need help, let me know,  my home shop, Cadence, in the heart of Manayunk will set ya up,
and I'll get you a bit off the price.
but really all the shops,  Breakaway, Keswick, Bicycle therapy, Mainline cycles, 
ALL the local shops... they are all great shops, that are staffed by fine folks,... who.... love to ride... and want you to ride.

and if you live in Pittsburgh, more great shops, Vermont,  California, yep, all over the US.  Just let me know if you need a local shop, and most likely, I can refer you to one.    Like the old punkish music days, the world of bike riders is interconnected, we all share the love of riding, and know each other.
and we are everywhere.
We love our bikes.  Talking bike, reading bike.
and nothing makes me feel better, than sharing this love I have, Like a good beer or great painting, this riding thing, seeing someone else enjoy, that's mighty fine.

Cheers, dlowe.

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