I knew when I first saw it, discovered, realized, being Bad Ass, that's what I wanted to be.  I knew, at that young age, a white, spindly lad living in the most bleak of averages cities, the city of   Columbus Ohio, that I had no real chance of being a Bad Ass, for sure.   I'm not sure columbus is a city of anything, like a big apple, or brotherly love.   ..............of course its a dandy fine place to live.
I don't remember who was the 1st bad ass in my mind, Woodrow Hayes, Nick Cave?

I think Tex Cobb is a Bad Ass. 

Hunter S. Thompson.  Bukowski.    Mr. Rockwell Kent.
Certain periods of times,  the 1895s-1930s  had some bad ass-a-ness
58-78.  got some more.     and them S. American's  some good ones too.
writers, painters, a few politicians, some boxers. 
eastern Europeans are blessed with natural bad assness, but few harness the gentle side of the soul.
 Actors/filmmakers.  Klaus Kinski.

Now, not a better time for a bad ass to appear.    tough one now, to out live, think, beat all the jabbering data flying about,   but it sure is fertile days.  Lots of shit.

I try to live a bad ass life.   Big heart, evil, darkness, humor, clever, strongness, perverse, addicted.
so you should see me grovel in some of the corporate places I work.
and I shake and shudder at a bit too many undefined fears.
to get anywhere
more than a 1/4 mile, few steps here and there, nowhere near bad assness.

so I just sit with my ego,  and it still believes, in me, my being a bad ass. but I know, its never to be.
the saps a rising, the feral inside, spawning,



Mr. Kent
so to wrap this all up,  make sure, that if you are a bad ass, to get a nice portrait of yourself.
If need be, drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do for you.   
wink. dlowe

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