Meat and Potatos

I try not to eat meat, or the flesh of living creatures things. 
its just a simple idea, that it comes from, I love animals.
like racing, they all participate, fight  and compete in this world, contribute to it, and want to stay alive
and enjoy the sun, lounging, maybe a laugh,
feel the same wind, cold, rain
protecting their young
I don't have the heart to take that away from them

I ride the same hills more than I seek out new ones
my house,  the old neighborhood, its built into short rolling hills
and each hill has its own grade, punch, calmness,

I ride out, and like looking at a menu, what am I in the mood for?
working, toiling, punch the gut, kick in the balls, just suffer
constant smooth grade up

I don't travel for work much, but am on a job, the last couple of days down in Atlanta
then Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco
good fun gig, for sure, and is full of interesting work, and goodfriendship ...

sometimes, I hit the gym early, or run the steps of a tall hotel
and miss my bike

I like these water crossing, and this year, waiting for them to be opened,  they are closed for the winter, symbolically announce the start of green, warmer weather

I ride into the water, one foot unclipped up in the air, the other a few ratchet pedals and across the stream we roll.

its what my diet needs,  I try to do right by me.
so tonight I'll sit on the porch, kill this wee little 1/2 growler, easy. 
pack and shit.
sneak in an am ride tomorrow.
maybe a bit of bourbon
and it all seems to make me sleep well
a bit a poetry before I reach over and twist the knob to shut off the light
laying my head back with a bit of a buzz, and the windows are open


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