I saw Bob Dylan play the other night, up in Lehigh
in the university's arena.
a smaller place,  just chairs set out in rows and chalk numbers at the end of the rows so I could find where you sat.

on the bike I'm starting to get it down,  I want to ride invisible in the pack.
so I pay very close attention to where my bike sits to hold onto a wheel
or when I can slip through some gaps and move up a bit
I don't want anybody to notice me
just moving along, riding.

I watched Dylan play, sometime it was a nod, sometimes he'd point back and the song change, end, move on, pick up.  it never fell apart, just chugged along,  making it work.

I've been using that a bit on the drives, just a hand in the drops, coming by someone you know, who rides with their eyes open, and I'll just open my hand and the fingers flash a bit
a slight response, a nod, and I slip back into the line.
you see a rider on the front, working into the wind
and as they come back to you,  I block the young bloke a bit off his wheel.
and let him slip infront of me into the line moving back up to take a pull again.

I'm glad that Dylan has vaporized to me, that I'm into him.
at the end of playing, he walked to the center of the stage and stood
a confident man, performer, the band a step behind
and gazed out across the audience,
10-15 seconds
I am Dylan.
the lights came down and the old man left.

I was lazy and tired today, so just tooled about.     Found some city stables, stopped a bit to look at the horses.     Told them I wanted some good legs tomorrow for the crit.  
I love how horses smell, I love there hair.   gotta go back and take some pictures,
meet them.    I guess I'll just knock on the door and introduce myself.

cheer, my friends. dlowe.

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