chuck taylor

what to look at, you know
to focus on,

what are the results you want?
I just love riding the bike, by far I am not the best tactical racer.
Which is strange to me, cause I love the nuisance of the pack
No one fears the fool.
I don't.

 For years, he drove a white Cadillac across the country with a trunk full of shoes, living in motels, and with only a locker in the company's Chicago warehouse as a permanent residence

Charles Hollis "Chuck" Taylor musta been one bad ass salesman.
can't imagine. 

so I did some racing, then out to see Orange Goblin,  I saw them a bit ago, there were great.
What happens when you play 100's of shows?
How do you keep it like the early days, sexy?
I don't know, they were good
not on the podium

its 12'30, so you'd think I'd be asleep.


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