a little english

I put  8 tall pints, a book,   my work gloves into the left basket this morning.  I set off a bit early. 
I wanted to sit and read a bit first,  have a beer, enjoy the view.

the bike was not hard to ride,  I did feel the unbalanced weight in the rear.

I like riding in a gusting strong wind, how it pushes the bike, lets up
the invisible, force.
how I've learned to relax, or lean into it with,  a bit of dutch.

so after a bit, I don't even notice the tilt or non tilt.

Its a was very short ride anyway, not windy, just a bit, lopsided.

the reason I got out, cause today,  was a trash pickup day at Belmont.
I don't know who got this going,  I haven't paid attention neither to who puts it together, 
I show up, get to work
and Its amazing how much shit gets done
I like sometimes just to work.

I went back up to the plateau,  got a bunch of pages read, its a good book, kicked another beer.

and a
quiet night at home.

cheers, d.

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