I had luck today, my location was the Horticultural Society plot of land.  
over by the Japanese House.

steve earle - "remember me"

I'm reading the Kinski book, just a few pages at a time
savoring it.
Its vulgar, degenerately written, no whim for decorum, starved n' over enhanced life, I'm loving it.
In fact a few pages at a time, its enough.

I've also started in on dark coco bars, 82%.

at lunch, I had a sandwich, blueberries, strawberries and a coke, I  was able to take some pictures, and read a few more pages.
hard to go back to life, on the clock,   sometimes.

tomorrow work, and then I hope to make it up to see Bob Dylan,
fell in with him during my stay and time in Louisville.
so I got a ticket a while ago, and now the shows tomorrow night.

the Drives ride has been good, well I've got a bit this year, its fun being the old bloke
holding onto a wheel,
and running out of gears in the sprint.

a good spring.

cheers, d.

might sound, vulgar, in english,  its  spring, indulge ... go fuck

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