Perceived Exertion

I stripped on the porch,  my white pink toes on the cold red brick.  Leaving damp prints through the house, and dripped into the closet.

I wrapped myself with the towel I'd bought on a trip to southern Spain.  I sat on the beach with my wife,  hot days,  long evenings, the sun didn't set till late.  I drank big bottles of San Miguel, I bought and carried back from the corner market.  The small glass of beer from the hotel bar was to $.   and the richer rented small villa, net draped beds, and lounged.  We sat on towels bought at a market.  on the waters edge, for free.

Today the pedals turned over easy, I was shifting up, and legs feeling good, turned the gears well.

I just got on the bike, headed up the driveway.  36 degrees, drizzle.  Turned right and went towards Gladwyne.   Pedal through the school zone, eating some bread and cheese.  Down the hill.  and wove around the small hills, following the creek down to the river, and the climbs back up to route 23.

Must of been the team intern, in a team vest, over a cotton grey sweatshirt, waving a bit of newspaper, the lad was shivering, I must of been the last to crest.
Grabbed and slid under the base layer against my damp chest.
Hit the downhill, coasting soft pedaling along side of a black range rover.  going 36mph
I stuck out my tongue like a kid, taunting, at the kid sitting in the front seat.
I leaned my bike back and forth, like Steve wonder playing a tune.
Jump a few pot holes and I gave him the Rock n Roll devil horns.
he was sped off to school.

I was ether off the front, in no mans land, or dropped I don't know.  but  I pedaled on.

In traffic, headlights, oil on the high center of the lane and puddles in the wheel troughs.

I crossed a painted white line.  that was it. done. soft pedaled.  a small can of coke was handed to me.
I unclipped,  pedal and pushed one legged up the drive.  Sipped, stripped and steamed.

I'm not quite sure how to enter this one into my training journal. 
and mind is quite full of thoughts, stories, truths and fiction, too many to write.

Off to work, then to see Nick Cave.

CHEERS!   dlowe.

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