E by SE

just on the bike path, headed back from Valley Forge.  Mesmerized by my pedaling shadow.  Leading me out to the front, a bit to the left.  Upper body smooth, chin tucked in, like a boxer.   Steady, into the wind, with the wind, and then a cross.    Along side train tracks,  freight cars.   I pass the engine.  Hand the red lantern to another bloke this time.  

I'm looking forward to work tomorrow, not that its a paid day.    better.  
I'll pack all the gear I have, the Canon 5d, the bits,  and the bike.
to the opera house in Jim Thorpe to shoot, I hope, get some shit useable, for the music video.

now, I look at my bike.   Facing left.  Front tire almost seems stopped from moving on.   Square to the wall, just touching.

I enjoy writing.  I'm poor at it.   but some how, its what I feel connected to.

so many things are easy.
but this one thing
should work at it a bit
I'd get you to feel, to conjure up some image, scene.

I won't forget that I'm a minion.

funny not to have some editorial photos,
I'll put my head on the train tracks, an ear on the rail, and listen.

Cheers, d. lowe.

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