live skull

I tapped the white porcelain cap against the brown bottle
trying to get a bit of attention
from the rowers

kris kristofferson - "stairway to the bottom"

the new Kris Kristofferson album is so far my #1 this year.
its in his voice.   you can tell his age, and that he's not hiding anything, just singing, his songs.

I've fallen deep in love with the Free Spirit.  Its been put to pasture, no more SScx racing to be done on it, that'd be not fair,  I don't want to rattle its bones apart.
I put on a rack and a kick stand.   Then headed out on my recovery ride, to get some beer.
sat by the river and ate my lunch.
with ear buds in
looking at the river, and 76
listening to jake brakes and Kris
watching the water lap up
from the skulls wakes.

a Nap, ... out tonight to see the great Thalia Zedek at Kung Fu Necktie.

cheers to recovering, d.

Wide Awake and "Feeling Mortal"   check it out.

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**sTinKfOot** said...

Nice...hmmm... reflection ;)

P.S. Captcha is the devil's work.