blue collar

somewhere along the way, American workers, the labor force,  have been made to look down upon ourselves, that we, the labor, the blue collar, deserve what we get.   That we are too stupid to be treated fairly.  We let the White collars take, we expect it, they outsmart us, and steal our pensions, keep pay low, send work to China, a place where the humans are so lowly of this world, that they should toil away for meager wages, polluted environment, no political rights.  Basic happiness.

the drives ride started tonight.  The clocks been move forward, there's enough light to get two laps in, nine showed up to ride, on the tradition,  we meet at the Falls bridge,  acted aloof a bit, like roadies do,   my Garmin hit 6:31, I pointed my bike towards the lane, we took the road, away we went.

Tuesday I was also in Doylestown and was able to take in the Minds Eye at the Michener Gallery.
I don't understand Jerry Uselmann's photographs.   but his layered hand composited photograph work is great.    I'm not sure why, but no photos can be taken inside the galleries, would not want to "steal the soul" and expose it to others.  

a Uelsmann photo stolen from the internet and used without permissions.

Americans are cowboys.   We work hard, tough.   and growth of the independent, the few outside the norms,  Brewers, bakers, Etsy makers, show that long hours and a pride still can exists.  at the gallery I grabbed a  book from the book store and carried it back to a small room in the gallery, a room dedicated to,
that held a few tables and chairs made by George Nakashima: "In a world where manual skills are shunned we believe in them, not only in the act of producing a better product, but in the sheer joy of doing or becoming. We feel that pride in craftsmanship, of doing as perfect a job as possible, of producing something of beauty even out of nature's discards, are all homely attributes that can be reconsidered."

When Ford invented the assembly line, workers were glad to give up the risk of self-employment, craftsmanship, to step into a row of bolt twister,  with limited skills.  They made $$$.   had kids, bought, cars, houses, TV's.... sent kids to college... retired

and a few impassioned,  risked life and livelihood, and fought for rights,
Unions formed, lives were lost; for a 8hr work day, fair wages,  child labor laws,.. 

I always am amazed that we need a law establishing a Minimum wage,   ...that the disconnect, between the wealth and the labor is so far apart.    that caring for each others, despite what cloak we wear to work,  is still based on greed.    and somehow, I deserve my lot, I don't deserve to be treated better, ....I'm accepting of this....   just trying to keep what I have,  to protect my, my nest eggs, from the hawk.    I'm soft, lazy, in defending my rights, but I am no way deserving of not being treated fairly for the work I do.  Proud to be wearing a collar, stained with a bit of dirt, sweat, smarts.

where would I be without Museums, galleries, where art that I could never afford, that I would never chance to see, unless some Well-to-do-ers,  have a bit of compassion, to share it with me.   Thanks rich folk.


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