easy goes it

I got a cold Monday.  Rode w/Tony up the towpath, up the river from Trenton north.   On mtbikes, trudging along for 50miles, on Tuesday.  Then it set in.  

Today I got out early.   My cold, about done.   I've ridden my cross bike by this place, and with the snow, and the overgrowth, and the headstones,  it'd seem to be an easy place to take pictures.

I drove over, much in a un-like me manor, I stayed off the bike, just till I feel even better.  with the warm weather arriving, and wanting to race Sunday,  why make myself sicker.

its Mt. Vernon Cemetery.   I parked.  Climbed the fence,  and wondered about.

more hot tea, soup, watching movies, reading books.  stupid to say, but I hate being sick.

cheers, d.    

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