About a Bike

its what'd I'd say to my two wheel steed.
It is about the bike.

the sound of the fountain blanks out any issues, words
thoughts or ideas
For a recovery ride, this destination
its where I needed to be

I brought a themas of La Colombe coffee.
a navel orange
stopped on the way
to get, one chocolate, one almond, croissants.

My bike she's done.  Added the baskets.  bought a lock.
I feel good with it.
Maybe a some tweaks, kwell a rattle, toe cages might not be right for a drunken ride.

I owe'd it a portrait.
The water sprays, pressurized up into the air.
Millions, Billions.  of droplets pound down clapping against the surface tension.
drowned out
any thoughts I had.
Who cares who won Flanders.

My mind is quiet.
I sat not thinkin
A few tourist. 1/2 dozen homeless. couple of cheerful young kids, running the circle.

it is not about me at all its about my bike

see you out there, dlowe.

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