Be foxygen

I like the new Foxygen album,
Foxygen - No Destruction.

its retro, easy, it shows some smarts.   and maybe with some commitment and work, the band will improve, and become more original in its next output.

Last night I saw the band, it played solid and steady, the singer, fell apart, which was nice to see, that this show was not by the numbers, over-rehearsed show.   Tech issues, I guess, no sound check, problem with a cable, I don't know, maybe it was a bit staged,  his frustrated antics.   

drama queen, for sure

oh a hard day at the plant. 

Done, he quickly regained his composure, found his hat and cool coat, made some small talk, and strolled off the stage,  thinking Next big thing?
after the show I ran into an old friend Ed, I don't see much, but hit it off with easy.
he walked his nice city beater Schwinn with me back towards my car to stop at the Cheery St. lounge to get a drink.
Classic rock played in the bar. stones, lynard skynard, journey, good sounding, rich, loud but not in any way of inhibiting an animated discussion of our current lives.
Its nice to talk with someone that I don't see often.  We both pounded out rough ideas, strange directions our minds have been working at.    was like visiting a shrink,  put it out there, with your elbow on the bar.  the cash fanned out, the drinks.
We got last call.   finished the shrink office visit,  walked away with no thoughts on having to own up to.    that what was said was nothing more than questions, unfocused ideas, beliefs....
things to explore, 
Today I got out on the Cx bike, with a dull headache.
Did a regular loop, the Water Ice.
Its nice when I'm out riding, and I find a peace, a place, just pedaling along,  and feel an isolated self-important arrogance,
do what you do well, find it, refine it,
that's the mark, I want to achieve.
Be foxy.  dlowe.  

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