Sunday, the fun Hillbilly Hustle.
the start, its been a bit since I've been in the old fashioned scrum, and mayhem off the line.
I was a  bit back in the grid, and off we went, pinching in from the left,
and then hard from the right
the pack gave and a bloke capsized to my right, ahead of me.
I left my fingers off the brakes
and pedaled much as I would through muck or sand.
riding over his body, steering to the left of his head.
then I bombed the outside right line to the tree and came around the bend, I think sitting 4th

after the race, after eating crow and hosing mysel off, I made myself bust out the camera, and took some pics with the wide angle zoom.   I enjoyed snapping, but with the wide angle lens on, its a hard guess when to pull the trigger, the rider really has to be quite close.   All them long lens shots, many are just snapped away,  I feel a lot of the snaps, are like school photos, more for the info, ... sit, snap, post, maybe sell, than for trying to capture the energy or emotion of the race.   Not to say I can capture anything, I am really just guessing. ... and then looking at my snaps, saying to myself that sucks, yep that sucks too,  oh that one has something going on.  So my shit ain't planned, but if I work hard I will/hope to  acquire some skills, so that I use the right tools to say something with my pictures.

but the best thing about my race, is that I was able to bury myself,
going all out, I gave it everything,
the last part of the last lap
I wanted to close the 8 second gap to third
and threw caution away

I came into this corner of muck
came out

with paying for the risk
a big old face first belly slide.

I almost didn't want to come outta the woods
I could hear it as I came towards the line.

I did a great ride Saturday and met some great bike riders
Ms. Victoria Hanks has done a wonderful job of getting these young kids, these peeps out into a new world,
she has brought her world of bike riding to them
and some, will be able to ride (and see a different world), thanks to others giving.
read about the Cadence Foundation and her work:

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