a-hole shot

I like'd the crisp start to today, flopped outta bed, a bit of tinkering on the mtbike and just a light wind vest to ward off the early chill.

I rolled out to do some easy riding at the Wissahickon, and the pedaling was easy, but like some of the easy rides, a lot of shit talk spun, and the new guy took the brunt of the slings and cat calls,  I guess in the end, I was lucky to not have the two Russians gang up on me.     Misha, and Dima.   

I study things, and think,

I don't know if this is J. Powers race bike set up to race,  there are a lot of spacers.  What I like, that I wanted, the white easton stem and the easton ea70 white bars.  Somehow I've order two white stems, but've got black ones sent to me.  oh well, only stylish cosmetic.   Look at all them spacers.   and please, someone tell me,  what is in-line of the front brake cable?  hmmm,...  could be useful?

yesterday did the PACX townhall cross race.  got the hole shot, no problem, and held back into the climb, and rode up he hill listening to Eric work his words on the PA.     Had a nice race, under inflated my rear tire, made it hard to go hard.  I ride with a heavy ass, and felt if I wasn't  to careful I'd rip the treads off the rim.   So I sat in the lead for a bit, then the two grey beards with better legs came by.    I had a good race and worked hard, on the corners, and barriers.   Hammered to the line to nip no-one but only to push myself as hard as I could.  Got 3rd.   Next week Granogue,  I look forward to the bigger field and more competition.   I'm learning a lot this year, I'm more comfortable on the bike, than I ever-been.   Things are good, the pain?  always good.  I'm suffering.     Cheers, d.

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