last night I listened to some Hope Sandoval , before heading to bed.
I've been in a funk, the last 3 races
making me
as much as I don't like to  have the bike affect my mood



I've worked on my mud skills, and today the work payed me back.
I got a great start, took a couple of turns loose, then settled in, and just rode the mud.

and despite losing 3 spots on the last lap, putting me in 13th, my mood is lighter.
I took some photos, just a few "artys", and the rest, just of the 35+ race, and then worked the pit for the wonderful LvG
I like the pit
a lot of small talk in the pit,
sorta like a pre-diner party

some clicks:

bad ass

I feel the teeter-tooter starting to sink, we are past the half way point of the MAC season
I'm going to work hard
and hope to make it back into the top10 finishers.

whew, d.

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