I went to see the Meat Puppets last night, took my camera, and tried my best to take some nice shots.
I fell short, I took a bunch of pics, just not much good.  The show was OK, they seemed a bit weary, road worn, life worn, they didn't come alive till the jammin' at the end, and the jammin' not so good.

I'm listening to the Lou Reed Metallic album trying to figure out what I think about it, Who Cares? Me.  They all have so much history of accomplishment, but seem in this case to be falling very far short of making something listenable.   but I listen on. 

and as always the bike is there for me, my family.   I pulled the pedals and tightened them up on the SS mtBike,  hit up the mighty Wiss.  Nice ride, really nice.  A good zone, one of those days of pedaling and steering and just enjoying life.   I stopped at the over look.  Where years ago a religious sect would meditate, there is a strong strange power emanating from these glacier exposed stones.   Are they angry for being stirred up.  whatever, I don't hang here to long, maybe its me, maybe I'm just some anti-electric to them, Ha!  anyway, had a great ride at the Wiss.  oops.....   What I meant to say was, my friend Meisha, he's laid up, not to laid up, despite getting hit broad side by a hard charging car, and breaking bones in his neck and ribs,....  That bastard is at home, up and about, feisty and recovering.  Recovery, that's a hard thing for me to deal with.  so,....  I hope to go see him on Monday, maybe take some wine to the park and challenge him or his 75 year old bro. to some chess. 
Maybe smoke a cigar.    Cheers all, value those who bring you love.   david.

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