The Tick

We've got six cats.  All were strays. 

 Jimmy, Jefferson, Miles, Patrick, Kenny and Pascal.

we use the once a month flea/tick stuff, it works great.   Pascal, a rag doll cat, with long, light flocks of hair, dense and thick, is a spunkie one.   he likes to roam, and apparently sleeps under some bush that ticks like.  Pulled quite a few off of him.    This one just fell into my hand as I rubbed him.  So full and bloated of blood.   I rolled him in the palm of my hand and took him off to a photo session.
I was going to kill him, but my wife found him cute, took him and dropped him off down the street somewhere.  I don't try to kill too many living things.   Mosquitoes, ticks, I kill, ...  what I can leave alone, I do.   I try to spare stink bugs, gnats, spiders, worms, slugs.     I am a guest here, I do enough damage by my life style. so what I can let be, I do.

cheers, d.