I'm off the Jets and trying something new
The Clement LAS tires
I got the clinchers, and if they ride nice, I'll move on to the tubulars.
I don't know what to call the tubulars,... they don't have tubes in 'em.
so not to confuse them with the blokes thinkin' they can do it, tube-less,
they've been made airtight,without a tube, but all in a casing.

I've loved the PDX, really nicely made,  just running the clincher, not the tubeless casing version,yet, they've kill it in the mud.

what I know,  not a diamond tread, but a Nail tread.
Small points to larger points as you work your way to the outside of the tread.
A "Knob" a biggish "knob"
on the outer rim
to bite and keep you in the corners.

Clements has that thing going, a glom factor, and good for 'em, they've created a coolness,
The labels on the sidewall look $$$, the hanger card stock, beautiful, A name, The hat with the logo,
got a get one, gotta glom.   Branding is important, and what sells, and just the look, the sound, "Clement", of course I'm a better bike handler, and a cold, beady eyed, soulless, pale-ed skin, bloke of epic proportions with 'em on my Hoops.   cheers, d.  I let ya know what I think of De treads. 

sorry I could not rezssist...NERDS!

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