(photo: Anthony Hennessy, cross ride at Wissahickon w/ dlowe and George Klimi)

I put away the bike last night, in the shed, along with all the others.

I like having a garden shed, we have no garage, or basement.

I latch open the door, to keep it from slamming shut by the strong breeze that comes up the yard.

It is its own world, one that has no electricity, or heat, so its a daylight only world.

the key, its an undersized key, just a turn lock.
dressed warm, I pushed the bike up the small slope and around the house
and out to ride today

met two blokes and off we rode, a very nice day to ride,  watching the sun rise, and its rays drop into the valley and warmed it up a bit.      Had the new treads the Clements LAS pump to 42, more sturdy than supple ride I needed from 'em.   The rubber compound, is a bit rubbery, supple-lish,  a bit different from the hardish casing of the jets I've been using to train on.   They gave a nice quality ride, smooth, fast and .... a very good grip, with a gentle transition a roundish flow from riding on the top of the tread to the bite of the side knobs.  Very predictable.   I felt like a surgeon, knife-ing up the top meadow trails of the Wiss.    Not quite sure of the durability of the rubber, but am looking forward to doing some pre-ride laps at Fairhill Saturday.

Cheers, d.

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