it took  a bit longer this year, I think, for all of the leaves to fall off the big tress around our house.

been biding my nights reading this book, its good, sorta written in thuggish simple talk.
So its a good read for me.

I like thinking, improving, solving
today I was taking to task to neaten up the yard a bit, to reduce the number of leaves laying about,
I don't care too much about the look, but, it would be rude of me to let our place go "au natural",  the leaves blowing onto the other, very kept, yards.

I found a use, a very good use, that worked quite well, for my old beer case box.

It stiffened up the leaf bag, and made it easy to stuff.

Harvey use to work at the shop as a mechanic, a old timer, a bit Craggie,
gruff, mumbler, back in the day type.
He'd find solutions, or make a tool to make it work, simplify things, and I always tried to peak, pay attention to what he was doing, not so much ask, but bided my time.

My card board box solution made me quite happy, and If I could whistle, I would of filled the air with a cheerful tune, while I raked and stuffed the bags full of leaves.

Cheers, d.

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