ah I'm sitting with a large bottle to my left and an almost empty glass on my right.

I've gotten back from taken some pictures at Belmont Plateau, of the tree I love.

Its a hard thing to do, to point the lens at darkness, to press the shutter release, and wait 25 seconds,
to peer into the little screen and try to decipher if its there, or not.

my racing season, its been a really enjoyable one.   Not in my results.  Not in being fast.  Just facing my battles, feeling human, fragile, feeling speed and the blur of air,

I'll sleep in tomorrow, and spin a bit, ... not going to race, despite,... the need to race.  and Sunday, that's the end of the MAC, the real racing.  The End.  Then  a couple of fun races, non-sanctioned bro-hood shit.
and then the dreams of next season,... I will be faster, fitter, smarter, next year.

Cheers, and I hope to get out on a ride with ya soon.  d.

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