I took a break from my mom/stepfather's house for a bit and headed out into cold Beaver.

I got to Beaver a day early, to get to spend a bit of extra time with my Mom and Michael (my stepfather, who's been more of a father than my birth father) and help set up for the dinner of 23.

Shoe boxes means, .... that I get all these ideas, thinking, and I need a place to put 'em,... the plans, and dreams, cleverness,... about bikes, tactics, work, art, music ... and now taking pictures...

so I'm jotting them down and slipping them into the shoebox.

the day before Beaver, Thursday I packed my camera, and tripod and went for an easy ride.   Thought I'd just shoot a bit and pedal a bit.  For the most part, I'm off the bike.

The camera, its made me happy.

I like Pittsburgh a lot, I lived there for a bit, way back in one of the dropping outta college times, worked at a Sear portrait studio.   I liked the people, down to earth, but the grime, mills, ruggedness, I guess you take from the land, and then try to live on the land that pays for your food,  its not a pretty town.

I drove down an access road,  you know 23% grade or so, down to the river to take pictures of the bridge.   Did not get a good pic.  but I turned around and the sun had poked out a bit down the river on the smoke stacks, and I liked what I got.

I'm trying to get back into the family thing a bit better,  I've not been the best at it.   

.... riding, cross, and all, its soothed my soul a bit, its taught me to lose, to love the trip, to let me air it out a bit, and I do need  to let go of a few things.

                                                           ahhh, MY MOM !!!

My mom and Michael made a great dinner.
what a great night.

they did a ton of work, and we came together, and shared and drank and ate and hugged

my stepfather, Mr. Michael DiLauro
you're  a good man

I know, soon I am off into a new season of training, and sorta like life, I don't want to make the same mistakes, I want to face my failures, and do what I can to improve.  

and those,....  Them ideas,.... that bubble up in my brain, gotta keep them somewhere, who knows when I'll need them?

Zoikes!  david

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Chad Tots said...

Nice post Dave. Put a smile on my face.