"feed me"

i missed racing Sat.  (I really regret not being at Fairhill)  The week was tough,  I had a painful, stiff neck, like broken ribs painful.  Then slogging through 3days of work.  I got better quick, but that zapping pain, it reminds me, how easy it is to forget about feeling normal.  

Yesterday, I asked my wife, that if I got washy on racing today to prod me on, to get me to go.

I awoke before the alarm and thought, "its cold out", not much I really lose by staying in bed.
but its the MAC, and its my friends, and I nudged myself.   I think part of the wanting to stay in bed part came from me not being fast this year.  I had spurts,  but most of the time was a slogging away.

I think having the Worlds Master Cross races in the US did one thing, re motivate, it created dreams in all of us, that we could put it all together, and somehow have the best day on the bike and be a World Champion.   It made for a deeper, fitter, group of masters here in the MAC area.  I'm not going to Worlds, but the ones from this area that go, I root with my whole spirit that they win. 

I love to compete, I'm not out there on the bike not to win.   and despite, maybe me letting you by, or traveling to a race with you, I'll do all in my mind and legs I can to crush you on the course.

 its not hard to say good-bye to this season, its been a good one, with fast grey beards, a great MAC series, a mix of riding conditions.
People put a lot of love, and time into making it happen, and I really enjoy what they give,
thanks for the races, the beers, the cheers, and fucking kicking my ass.

Cheers!  David

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