the other day,
 I sat and pondered at Rodin's Gates of Hell, for a longish bit, then pedaled back home, along the river, into a strong, gusty, headwind home.

It's slipped from my grasp, my inspiration.  Not that I've had much directions that I've been headed with the photos I've taken.    but, I have had thoughts, impulses, like the tree on Belmont with the full moon.

I headed down town, to take pictures of the Clothes pin,  it was surrounded by fence, and a few, snapping it themselves.  I ponder, why and what do my photos say?

scratching my head on the way to bed, I'll think just a bit more on it and forget and fall asleep.
get up and ride my bike.




Anonymous said...

"I ponder, why and what do my photos say?"

Judging from the fact that nobody reads this, I'd say pretty much nothing.

d.lowe said...

Nice, I've always enjoyed the conversation that I have with myself. I enjoy having a blog to document some of my inner blabbling! Dude, I am surprised when someone tells me they read this! cheers

thanks for the attention