1000 words

as long as I'm quiet I can wonder around the set, snap a few pictures, check the Internet, hobnob with co-workers, snack at the craft service table.   the last two days, in a supermarket with a flying pig that talks to shoppers.   

I'm not much of a Holiday party guy.   I  always feel a bit outta the element.
and I've got a few to go to, so I'll muddle through them.

Got some Holga lens, plastic elements/pinhole to use for fun.
They are cheap, and I like using the real thing to create an effect, even though, you can probably do better in post, in manipulating the look of an image.

I'm disappointed in the pinhole lens, a bit washed out/low contrast.  .., needs a bit of a long exposure to capture the light.   Might get a "laser" pinhole lens, I like the look of the pinhole, just need it to work better.

Tomorrow is the BT Xmas cyclomtb follies, maybe I'll take some portraits, who knows how inspired I'll feel in the morning.
but practied a bit on the porch, myself, and my wife Ljiljana

to a nap, then slippng into some nicer duds, and out to a Holiday party, joy

cheers, d.

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