Granogue - fore and aft

I had the pleasure of pounding in stakes today.  Of getting a good look at Granogue.

just driving to the course, as I turned off of rt. 1 onto creek rd.  my palms dampened.

and at Smithbridge rd.  where you first catch glimpse of the property, my mouth dry.

Its a hard race, maybe the hardest.   Its just not the elevation.  Its roots, off camber, fast sweeping downhills, pavement to wheel suck on.

Its the most beautiful place to race.     

and as a photographer, it holds the most opportunities to take exquisite photos.  The dense dark tree's shade, to abundant light.   and I hope that the women and men snapping photos really push themselves to find something special, to get something extraordinary.

Granogue is why I race cross.   It scares me.  I won't eat much before I race here, cause there is a good chance that one of the run up hills would just bring it back-outta me anyway.

life IS special, we ride, and train, and suffer, we put on races, or just lend a hand, because it brings us alive, a real joy. thanks Granogue and all who have made it happen.  cheers, d.

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denS said...

Even if I were to stop racing. I would still return to Granouge every year to help out.....and probably want to race it one more time. Don't really feel that way about any other races.