Spell-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
i moved to philly in '86.  I remember seeing a show sometime back then.  In some downstairs club on Chestnut st.

Mr. Cave looked to be a junky.    He sat on the stool next to me, asked for a glass of vodka and ice.  Downed what he could and asked for a bottle, stood, grabbed the bottle and went to the stage.  

From Her to Eternity,  a moody, strong album.  One I really love.

the town felt evil.   Dirty.  With its own hierarchy of power.  be it legit or illegal.  

I fell in love with Phila.   much as I've fallen in love with cross.

I tossed and turned last night, I slept like a man with a guilty conscious.   cross can do that to me.

I awoke, clear headed and to drizzle.  I made today my "2nd" day, a hard ride.  I found one flower in the field, maybe its some kind of weed.   It stood out.  Rare.

maybe time to revisit some David Goodis.

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Dirty Girl said...

It was the East Side Club. A true pit. Saw the Gang of Four there, among other bands. Tried to set someone's pants on fire. Welcome to Philly!