it all starts out simple, just screwing in some toe spikes and getting out for a bit of skills,... lackadaisically riding.   Its a quite day, and spinning around a grave yard seems to be the place to ride easy.   A quite place, all in order, meandering, groomed, calm, absorbing.  

I've been a bit hesiantant about hopping into the crypt, its a rickety climb up some stacked tree stumps and cinder blocks, and a bit of a tight squeeze through the window.
Hopping down onto the ground inside a space so dark, my eyes took a bit to acclimate to the ambient light.
I took small steps, afraid I might fall into a hole and disapear or step on a corpse.
Sparse, I snapped away. 
This ones going to take a bit more work than usual.  I'm going to need a tripod, a real camera, if I want to cleanly capture the room.
Off season work.

Cheers to recovery days, dlowe.

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