You need to get a quite good  grasp on your perversions.  Them evil rattling around the your soul ones.   Cause you gotta know whats black inside ya and whats white.   Why?   cause its not a matter of how average, or happy, or busy you' r.  you need to try to earn your love.  You need to sleep quiet and still.
When you close your eyes you want  to feel peace.  When your in the world you want to walk,  soul full, content and knowledged.

I truly admire those who do more, who show their talents.  and somehow I feel apart of their,...  it.

As the racers went by Sunday, I almost shouted out everyone of their names, to battle harder to move up, all of them. 


I love feeling the intensetiy of life, the pulse, boiling over.

Cheers, dlowe.

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