I go through, reliving my lines, my efforts, they come back to me in stuttered frames slow motion.  I can't remember it all, just the gist of it.
Wednesday night's cross practice left me charged up. 

My workouts are: warm up good, intense, cool down long and regain my senses.  Its during that cool down time, that the world looks a bit different.

Does it glow?

Today, I needed to do some quick hits, to get ready for racing tomorrow.
I hit the road and trails and ended up with a good patch to work with just behind the Mann Music Center. 
No mp3 player, I wanted to be able to listen to my bike, to make sure it sounded right to race on.
I recognized the sound in the air, and as I pushed it, Pavement was just starting to jangle their way into a sound check.

got done and rode up to the fence. 
talked a bit to the bass player Mark's dad.
He came up to me as I watched through the fence and saw me on the bike and wanted to talk a bit about the riding around the park.  He's from Lancaster, and visits a bit.
He seemed very proud of his son.
We talked about an early Pavement show at the Khyber we both attended.
How he almost got his head knocked off by the blades of the low hanging ceiling fan.
That was a great show.

That sitting around time, the bullshiting, isn't that part of why you ride?  For the bullshit you want to share about it?
Just behind the Mann theres a path into the weeds, it leads to a small clearing.
Set up, out of the way, but clearly set up to be comfortable for a bit. and shoot the shit.
I look forward to Charm City racing, and what pain, glory and sharing that it brings.
Bring it on!
cheers, d.

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