I got some good advice in an email, It put my head on a bit straighter. 
so I had fun at Wednesday night cross, real good efforts, shoulder to shoulder in the turns, diving in, rude, but all in a way that meant no harm, just a bit of juvenile fun.    And that smile brought out some pop in the legs.

Mrs.  "Red Bacteria Vacuum"
these ladies are going to be driving my intervals tomorrow, maybe in the pouring rain, tis good!

nice day today, working on a shoot, with my wife.  Now shes off to a 2nd gig, a night shoot.  Night shoots are tough, let alone, going from the day gig into a night job.  I'll do some riding and running errands tomorrow while she sleeps, down to DC to visit family Saturday, and some nice racing Sunday at the Hillbillly Hustle.  One of my favorite races.

Looking into todays set.

We sorta pool are celebrations, it was
a belated birthdays/real early anniversary (24th) dinner at Osteria. Nice place, but only pretty good, quite a bit distant from great.
cheers, d.

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