HPCX day 2

I did feel better today, and was able to go.   Got 5th.
and I really had no aspiration of finishing first.
I had the CX-eve jitters abit last night.
Focused on all the things I can do right.
and for the most part did them.

every second of a race,while I am racing, seems to have a story.  and at the moment, seems so super important,
your good line,
how I'll take a corner next lap.
or catching the guy in front of me
setting myself straight quick from a crash
contemplating that heckle
and soaking in the encouragement to GO!
to attack, sit in, get caught
the last turn to the pavement
where you can see the line, and bury myself to it

I think our race, We had perfect mud.  Good mud for me.
wet, slippery, a few slow deeper spots.
The rain came down heavy, and there to me is something special
about riding out in heavy rain.
It is unusual.  and feels strange.

All those stories, they get blurry, almost like it never happened.
and soon I'll be watch tv, with a blanket over my legs.
I am not quite sure how I how I feel about racing a mud race every weekend,
don't matter,
I'll do it.
half way done of this cx year.
a lot of moments, things, struggles, racing talking,
feeling up and feeling down.

Cheers,    dlowe

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