goose bumps

I was a bit under-dressed for the ride from my house to Belmont.   Which was fine, I knew when  I got in the woods, the chilled snappishness, of the short ride over to the trails,.... that I'd warm quick.

                               off the main trail, along an old one that's disappearing

                a new trails, weaves back and forth, and stumbles along, like an old town drunk


It's funny to pop out at a road, from a small hole, from a bit of woods, in the city.   and then cross and poke back in.

I got lost in the woods today.  On the trails I know well.  It took me forever to ride, with many stops.  I don't ride my mountain bike much, but I do love riding it. It's dialed in pretty sweet, finally feeling just right.  I did dive and bomb around a bit. Popped out of the Wiss,, under 76, a small bit of dirt up to the cynwyd trail, and home.   It's not often that I am lucky enough to get lost from it all. Its a real good feeling.  Today I savored it, and was glad, to enjoy something rare.

Cheers!  good riding to you    

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