Swedish Fishing

I was chasing, spinning my little legs, as fast as they would go, to get the SSmtb going fast, to keep up with the small group, laughing off the front of this group ride.

Eating pierogies after the TT Friday, sipping a beer chatting with Kelly about riding this weekend,
I said, "I'd love to ride Fair Hill"  Kelly said "I'll give Marc and Diane a call?"
Yea, "if we could do a ride Sunday that'd be swell!"

       another fine Photo from the master, Diane.

You make your luck, and I think most of the people I've been riding with, they've been riding a long time, and they are good riders, and most of all, they are people that laugh, have fun, and really make riding enjoyable.

As I chased Chris ,Kelly and Buddy, we hit a creek crossing and bombing through the water a sharp pointed rock got Chris's tire, and out shot Sealant and flat it went.   The group re-grouped, and sorta a gasp, of a bit of a let down, at the un-opportune time to flat, was exhaled.

I said to Chris "Swedish Fish".
He pulled out his stash, and them little sweet fish,  umm, were good, shared between us all, and the jokes started, and photos were taken and almost too quick Chris had his tire fixed.

It was another just damn good day to ride.
You do make your luck.

Cheers!  dlowe

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