Monkey Hill TT

                                   an early version of my TT bike, back in the day.

Monkey Hill TT is a Blast.
3.1 miles on a Friday night, after work.   It's a swell lap of cobbles,  turns, a perfect challenge for every rider.

warming up, I was loose and chatty,  talking it up a bit with a young-in.  "I hope the bike does not boucne apart"  I said, referring to the starting section of fast jarring rough, downhill cobbles.
He looked at me and replied. "hope you don't lose your dentures"!

I road well and kept all my teeth.  Lots of smiles and great cheering and heckling along the really painful  finishing  climb of the cobbled Monkey Hill.

I could not figure out the podium, and I think the other two 55+ gentlemen, had to rush to make the AARP discount rate at the local buffet and missed the photo.  Quite happy I was to stand on the wrong step, and remembering some advice from JR  Petsko, (he runs the best podiums, shipshape and smart) I did the pose.

and Cheers to my teammate Kelly CX Cline on his great ride!  3rd place. 45+

Man!,  I have such a blast doing this cool fun challenging race.  So good to see friends, have a beer, and eat some pierogies.  I do love the pierogies!

Cheers Monkey Hill!

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