95 south

I miss those old days, of the simpler times internet.
Between Instagram, facebook, twitter, a few emails,  messages and this old blog....
I need time, to focus and think, to conjure up ideas.  Writing is very hard for me.
...and I want to keep doing it.  and not too sucky badly.

I was riding my mountain bike tonight, after a drive home from Princeton to Philly,
lots of traffic, down route 1.

I like personality, flaws, big, strong, quite achievers, but people that are pretty true, ones that can't help it,
that they most of the time they tell the truth, show ya the truth, and that's all they can be, lying, not something that's acceptable to them, they are not capable of it much.

I like winners that are smaller than the image of a winner.
Champs who are nice, that love to ride, that are talented and work hard, and win.

On my mountain bike ride, just riding, the sun lowering, it lit up the thickening new green tress, and fell on me.
I looked back over my left shoulder and saw my shadow, popping in and out,
chasing me, laid on top of, flowing over the tress and brush, low golden sunlit.
Riding with me.

the sun dropped, and in a minute, it was over.

I needed a nice ride, to have it fall upon me, and look around,
I railed a bit, skimming the edge of my bars on the corners, nipping the trees.
I hit it a bit harder and got good clearance over the down trees.

two more days on this gig up in Princeton, and I'll give at it all the best I can,
do my best, and the drive, it won't get to me, ....won't let it
I'll relax, and not get to tightly focused on it,

I hope to Make the Monkey Hill TT friday night.
I'll drive down 95, shed the work duds, and pull on the skin suit and fucking give it my all.

Cheers Blokes!


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