it was a perfect game,  I went last minute, bought a cheap seat, in the front row of the outfield
got there early, and took my pleasurably time strolling out of the game enjoying the Philllies win that put them one game over 500.
We hit a grand slam, the fans, were good philly fans, fuck's and taunts a few even threw a few $1 dogs out onto the field to follow a giant phillies late game home run.
All seem to know the game, the dude next to me explained to his girl how a hitter "pulls a ball".
After my dreadful performance at the Home Opener, I needed this ballpark redemption.
It's great, seeing the same lady taking my money to park in the industrial lot.
The same old dude at the gate.
I ate a bunch of $1 tofu pups.
a High-five to everyone around me cheering the grand slam.
Just fine, feeling, laying in bed, to sleep, the windows open, chilled a bit, closing my eyes, with a win.

                       watched a bit of warming up

and a good find at my thrifty store

a great store on the edge of Parkside Ave.

Cheers, dl

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