east park sprints

This morning at 6:42a I swung around to the back of the group, the tail.   It's sparse at the back, balding thin.  Most everyone is bunched forward, hard-ons to go.
Saying "hello" to the blank faces, stern looks, to my place, the rear.
"you ready"  I said, to my tail gunning comrade.
"my first" she replied.
we rolled.

opening day

"they win?"
"how'd it go?"
"the phillies win?
I was asked in the concourse, making our way home,  Meach, Anthony, and I,  from opening day.
They were losing, and it was cold.  we got to the park early, pre-gamed, and shivered for a Long time.
and left early.
I won't ever again.

Most everybody is losers.
good Losers don't lie.
It hurts, stings, grumpness.

I did fine for my first east park sprints today.
moving from the back to the front.
I did not get first on any of the 7 laps.
I rolled honest.
and was really happy with rolling 5's, somehow just on the cusp of the front, fifth every lap, consistent.

Cheers, dlowe

It's not what you roll, but how you roll, that I love about you.

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